Our Advantages

The social and economic impact of our Smart BABs is attracting the attention of local authorities, who are quickly becoming aware of the public interest generated by the project.

Benefits for the Population


  • Each store will help raise the standard of living through the provision of free educational content.


  • The opening of a store is accompanied by the creation of 2 to 3 jobs for the community. Particular emphasis will be placed on promoting the employment of women and young people.


  • By allowing populations to find services previously reserved for urban populations in their place of life, the store becomes a tool of universality that governments need to ensure the homogeneity of territories. This public service mission will make it possible to obtain approval and support for the project from the competent authorities once they become aware of the public interest aroused by the project.

Benefits for Our Partners

Smart Distribution Network

  • By listing your products or services in the SMART’BAB network, they will benefit from unique exposure in a rural environment and increase their impact and turnover. Benefit from all the advantages of a new, modern distribution channel.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • The listing of your products in stores will have an immediate positive impact on your sales and will contribute to the economic development of the village and the creation of jobs. Build loyalty among your consumers through solidarity action!

Advertising Spaces

  • Benefit from a unique communication space in a rural environment.

Trade Marketing / Promotions

  • Smart’BABs are an ideal place to organize point-of-sale promotions.

Smart Data

  • Our connected stores will provide you with precise information on your products and your consumers (sales volume, frequency, price, identification, etc.).

Become a Franchisee

About Us


Côte d’Ivoire is blessed with extraordinary human capital. Women’s associations and mutuals have already shown their commitment to our concept of multi-service shops that modernize distribution in rural and peri-urban areas.

Today, the arrival of Mini’BABs will also enable a whole generation of young aspiring entrepreneurs to embark on an exciting journey, gain management knowledge, and achieve financial independence.


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