Smart BAB

A unique and innovative concept that involves deploying multi-service shops in villages and peri-urban areas of Africa. A local, inclusive, and technological approach to community economic development.

Discover the BAB Concept Designed to be managed by women’s and youth associations in remote areas without internet coverage, our prefabricated shops are of high quality and equipped with all the modern technology necessary for their development.

A High-Speed Satellite Internet access system, including a Wi-Fi hotspot, allows for punctual or permanent internet access at very low cost while giving the shop operator the opportunity to offer many other services that require connectivity (money transfer, SportCash, Loto Bonheur, Wikipedia consultation, E-Learning, etc.).

Additional entertainment services are also offered to customers through access to television projected on a large screen. Each shop is also equipped with a refrigerator and freezer, allowing the operator to sell a range of essential products and/or cold drinks and ice creams, while maintaining the cold chain.

All products and services are managed by a state-of-the-art cash register. The shop’s electrical energy is provided by a mix of the national electricity company (when available) and a solar panel system supplemented by batteries.

Our Mission Smart BAB is a technological start-up whose mission is to #modernize retail trade in Africa while improving financial inclusion through the development of community economies in peri-urban and rural areas.

Combining profitability and social impact in Africa? It’s possible!

Our Values


  • Honesty and transparency are our key values. We are committed to providing information to our employees, franchisees, and investors as quickly as possible. We also encourage challenges to improve all our procedures or commercial approaches in a spirit of fair trade.

Respect for Commitments

  • We attach great importance to ethics and to honoring our commitments to our partners. This fundamental value is the only guarantee of the sustainability of our relationships with both our suppliers and our franchisees and employees.


  • We are committed to continuously improving our performance to exceed the expectations of our franchisee clients and investors. We reward employees who improve the quality of our services and reduce operating costs.

Our Objectives

  • We communicate our objectives transparently to our employees, franchise partners, suppliers, and investors.

  • We constantly measure our results against our objectives, and our intention is to react immediately to improve our strategy based on external events, information, opportunities, or threats.

  • Our goal is therefore to always exceed our initial objectives.

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About Us


Côte d’Ivoire is blessed with extraordinary human capital. Women’s associations and mutuals have already shown their commitment to our concept of multi-service shops that modernize distribution in rural and peri-urban areas.

Today, the arrival of Mini’BABs will also enable a whole generation of young aspiring entrepreneurs to embark on an exciting journey, gain management knowledge, and achieve financial independence.


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